Will your dealership thrive in the current Covid-19 market?

Many industries in the world are feeling the effects of this widespread crisis and the automotive industry is no exception. It is important to re-evaluate your dealership’s tools and marketing strategies to determine if they are able to give you the critical edge and innovation you need to reach customers in unprecedented times.

US Auto Sales are expected to fall at least 15% this year due to the coronavirus.- CNBC.com

Use the following checklist to assess your current software tools and discover if your dealership will endure the current, global shift in the automotive industry:



Were you able to check all of the boxes? If not, your dealership could be missing opportunities to identify and meet customers where there are now. During a crisis, you need a solution that optimizes every aspect and opportunity of your digital marketing strategy to keep your business thriving.

Consider Activator, the industry’s first, consolidated marketing platform that ensures your dealership thrives through this COVID-19 pandemic.

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