Fine-tune Your Service Drive with ServiceActivator

ServiceActivator pursues every opportunity in your market by the VIN, sending the right message to the right customer, increasing your service opportunities that grow your revenue and customer retention.

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ServiceActivator is now an FCA Digital Certified vendor!

ServiceActivator, a core product on the Activator Platform, leverages smart technology to cleanse data, identify targets, reach customers, and conquest opportunities that are actively looking to service.


Clean Up Your Data
ServiceActivator does a deep clean of your data up front, then continuously cleans and refreshes data to ensure you have the most accurate information. This includes finding new emails and correcting physical addresses through email-append and NCOA data processes.


Follow the VIN
The person you sold a car to, might not be its current owner. That’s why we follow the VIN and not just the data in your DMS. Our data tools connect you with a vehicle’s current owner so you can make new connections and stop running into marketing dead ends.


Know the Customer’s Journey
Dealership service drives cater to a variety of customer needs and priorities, and every journey looks different. That’s why we offer multiple paths and touchpoints so you can meet your customers wherever they are. 


Automate and Optimize
All of the above can help you maximize your service drive, and automation can help you do it faster. ServiceActivator puts the power of automation to work in sending relevant, engaging, and timely messages to your customers. Welcome to guess-free marketing.

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Maximizes your in-market data accurately and completely. The continuously-updated information gathered is then used to craft and deliver precise marketing messages to potential VINs within your addressable market, resulting in higher service-based revenue.

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