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Effortlessly Reach Customers in Sales and Service
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Are you ensuring you are reaching the top leads in your entire market?
MarketActivator, the industry’s first Customer Intel Platform provides you with continuous data cleansing. The data gathered allows your dealership to have increased engagement and customer loyalty with hyper-targeted marketing campaigns maximizing your dealership’s revenue and retention.

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How does MarketActivator work?

Driven by the power of artificial intelligence and automation, Otto the brains within Activator:

  • Targets customers that are in position to upgrade their vehicle with award winning accurate equity data mining
  • Boosts your RO’s by engaging customers and finding subsequent owners (newly identified vehicle owner after a
    vehicle was traded or sold by the originating owner); who are due, or past due for service
  • Analyzes your performance and provides deep-dive enterprise level reporting to keep you in front of your business
  • Furthers your success with quarterly on-site consults from a dedicated Regional Performance Manager.

Build trust and drive profitability with the power of personalization.

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