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Reach Active Buyers,
Drive New Sales Back to You

SalesActivatorTM the Industry’s Best Data Mining & Marketing Solution

SalesActivator targets and delivers the most-likely-to-buy equity leads using its award winning data mining solution. The tool utilizes your existing DMS data to identify customers in your service lane that can trade into a newer vehicle with a similar or lower monthly payment and no money down.

Create Hand Raisers Today!

Our proven system serves up the best, in-equity customers using our proprietary 3T Smart Logic that prioritizes leads with Tier to Tier, Term to Term and Trim to Trim matching.

  • Moves aged inventory off your lot
  • Increases your floor traffic
  • Scans your service drive daily for in-equity customer opportunities
  • Eliminates the overwhelming feeling of a cumbersome platform.

Unleash the Power of Activator

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